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Interactive Panaboards

Effective, Single-Person Presentations (Projector Mode)
Because you can control a PC operation from the Panaboard with electronic pen, you can progress your presentation smoothly by oneself. For example, you can turn the pages on the PC screen for the data that is being displayed by a projector, and use an electronic pen to add notes. Presentations are more effective because the audience's attention is constantly held by the Panaboard.

The electronic pen enables interactive presentations to be made from the board by letting you operate the PC and write information.

Simple Information Sharing (Whiteboard Mode)
Information that you write onto the board with the electronic pen appears on the PC screen in real-time. It can then be saved as a record of the meeting for quick and easy sharing. Images can also be projected onto a large screen by sending them through a PC and projector, for lectures with a large number of people attending.

One Board With the Writing Space of Two (Endless Screen)
A new screen can be used without erasing the information on the previous screen. Simply press a button to scroll, even with a wall-mounted board.

Easy Data Display and Editing (Quick Image Navigator)
Scanned data can be quickly displayed and edited. All information can be organized into folders for easy management, and the contents of the folders can be checked by viewing thumbnail displays. This boosts efficiency by eliminating the need to start-up an application in order to display or edit the folder's contents.

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