Document Management and Workflows

Document Management System

Centralize your business content for convenient access and collaboration. Benefits include:

Make better decisions with quick access to accurate, up-to-date information.

Web Forms Automation

Eliminate manual processes by digitizing paper forms through our no-code web forms builder. Benefits include:

Simplify gathering accurate information to feed key business decisions through intuitive digital forms.

Business Process Automation

Manage workflows seamlessly for operational efficiency. Benefits include:

Streamline cross-functional processes for improved productivity and outcomes.

AI-Powered Document Capture

Automate high-volume document ingestion using AI for accuracy. Benefits include:

Accelerate data-driven decisions with precise, automated document capture.

Accounts Payable Automation

Simplify invoice processing using AI data extraction. Benefits include:

Streamline AP for prompt vendor payments and cash flow control.

With Our Document Management and AP Solutions, You Can Capture, Store and Manage Any Document, From Any Location, On Any Device.

Build Customized, Streamlined, Workflows to Dramatically Improve Business Processing Across Your Organization.

For Small Businesses to Enterprise Organizations, More Than 2,000 Companies Trust Our Solution To Deliver Smart Document Management and Automated Accounts Payable Solutions.

Create and Process Secure, Easy-To-Use E-Forms To Capture, Verify, Approve and Integrate Data With Core Business Systems.

Spend Time Managing Your HR Resources...Not Your HR Documents, Automatically, Quickly and Securely

Accessibility Tools
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