Smart Document Management Keeps You Out of The Filing Cabinet

Industry leaders reveal that a few companies have replaced their physical filing cabinets and utilized electronic systems for intelligent document filing, retrieval, and governance. If you have not replaced the old metal cabinet, you may be able to experience the transformational power of smarter infrastructure through digital filing.

Propelled by the expansion of remote and hybrid work models, the pivotal moment has arrived for organizations to modernize their approach to managing, collaborating on, and extracting value from documents.

Unlocking New Potential

Unlocking New Potential

Discover the transformative advantages awaiting you as we transition your document storage, workflows, and automation to the cloud. In a world where Microsoft, Adobe, and other tech giants champion the cloud, its proven security, resilience, and configurability for modern business needs are unmatched.

Greater Accessibility:
Access your critical files securely from anywhere, empowering seamless collaboration for remote and hybrid teams. The cloud brings equality to your work, ensuring flexibility for every team member.

Enhanced Security:
Experience peace of mind with end-to-end encryption, granular permission-based access controls, and advanced cybersecurity layers. Our cloud solution’s security surpasses on-premise implementations, safeguarding your data.

Increased Uptime:
Your data is automatically backed up in multiple geolocated data centers, ensuring near 100% availability even in worst-case disaster scenarios. Trust that your information is always accessible when you need it.

Faster Innovation:
Say goodbye to waiting for hardware updates. Cloud solution providers continuously release cutting-edge features, providing you with more advanced capabilities quickly. Experience innovation without barriers.

As we guide you through technological shifts, Coastal Business Systems tailors cloud solutions with your specific integrations, controls, and intelligence needs in mind. Our commitment is to provide you with efficient, resilient, and flexible systems, making the cloud the predominant choice.

Your Future Advantage

Your Future Advantage

While transitioning to the cloud is foundational, integrating self-learning algorithms opens new dimensions beyond basic repositories.

Instant Data Extraction:
Let algorithms automatically pull key details like amounts, dates, and codes from documents without rigid manual templates. Human intervention is reserved for exceptions, saving you time.

Automated Classification:
Recognize and categorize different document types effortlessly. Separate invoices from receipts with ease, streamlining your document organization.

Continuous Quality Improvement:
Experience continually enhanced accuracy by incorporating corrections you made. The system handles routine tasks, learning and improving with each interaction, reducing your manual effort over time.

Multi-step Process Orchestration:
Seamlessly sequence intricate approval chains and conditional workflows, ensuring efficient routing and sign-offs. Your processes become more streamlined and adaptive.

As AI adoption accelerates, these intelligent features drive competitive advantage. Coastal Business Systems stays ahead by providing you with the most innovative solutions. Are you ready for the future in 2024 and beyond?

Prepare for the Future

Prepare for the Future

With hybrid and remote work becoming the norm, document accessibility is no longer a luxury but a necessity for business continuity.

Unified Search and Automated Workflows:
Implement cloud-based, AI-enhanced document systems for unified search, automated workflows, and actionable insight generation from documents. Experience compelling ROI and a foundation adaptable to future innovations.

Early Adoption Advantage:
Be an early adopter to reap the greatest advantage as competition intensifies. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the transformative potential of cloud-based, AI-enhanced document systems now.

Trust Coastal Business Systems as your dedicated partner in this transition. We are experienced in implementing leading-edge solutions for businesses of all sizes, and we provide tailored guidance. Our consultants deliver solutions matching your unique priorities around security, compliance, disaster recovery and mobile capabilities while preparing you for continued innovation.

With over 40 years of experience, our document management specialists at Coastal Business Systems understand how to harness technology to boost efficiency. We can help your business evolve outdated systems or implement future-focused document solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

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Contact CBS today to schedule a consultation for your document management solution. Let us ensure future readiness for your business while unlocking game-changing productivity and visibility. 

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