Since the rise of hybrid and remote work has presented organizations with unique security challenges, more employees working outside the office accessing sensitive information remotely require robust solutions such as Sharp to secure this vital data. This is where industry-leading office technology providers such as Sharp come in.

Sharp offers cutting-edge security features and solutions explicitly designed to support hybrid workplace environments. From advanced device security to secure cloud connectivity, Sharp empowers businesses to protect their data, prevent breaches, and facilitate secure collaboration.

Document management specialist, Sharp, recognizes how critical print and device security are in today’s work environments. Read on to gain an understanding of Sharp’s latest security innovations that foster productivity without jeopardizing safety.

Comprehensive Print Security Solutions

Sharp printers and MFPs handle highly confidential information daily, making them prime targets for hackers looking to access it through data breaches.

Print Security

Their advanced security protocols have been integrated directly into their devices to combat this risk.

Features like secure boot, whitelisting, and Bitdefender anti-malware help prevent cyberattacks and unauthorized access from the outset, while runtime intrusion detection monitors for potential threats and stops them immediately.

Sharp makes user authentication effortless through ID card login options, biometrics, and more. Administrators can set detailed usage restrictions to maintain tight control over device use.

Sharp’s Private Print feature is perfect for hybrid workplaces. Documents are only printed when authenticated at any device – preventing sensitive papers from ending up in output trays.

End-to-Encrypt Data Security System

End-to-Encrypt Data Security System

Sharp ensures that data remains protected on devices and throughout its journey. Their SMTP email encryption prevents email interception, while SSL and IPsec secure all network transmission.

Sharp’s innovative End-of-Lease feature removes all data and personal information when devices are returned, protecting against possible breaches from retired machines.

Sharp’s seamless cloud integrations ensure secure access for organizations leveraging cloud content management solutions such as Microsoft 365 or SharePoint, facilitating collaboration while restricting unauthorized access.

Sharp provides a secure Cloud Portal Office document storage and sharing solution, fully hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, for user access anytime through web portals or mobile apps without compromising security.

Sharp is Your Partner in Compliance

Businesses seeking to comply with HIPAA and GDPR require solutions to help meet legal requirements. Sharp’s security offerings, audit tools, and device monitoring capabilities keep companies in line.

Sharp devices also help organizations prepare for compliance audits by offering documentation regarding security features installed. Their solutions enable productivity without placing compliance at risk.

Expert Guidance at Every Step

Sharp partners with document management specialists, like Coastal Business Systems, to offer security assessments and tailored solutions for unique work environments.

Our specialists conduct print security audits that uncover potential vulnerabilities before employing the precise combination of security tools necessary for resolution.

By leveraging Sharp’s industry-leading print and device security platforms, we provide organizations with solutions, allowing them to embrace hybrid work without increasing risk. Reach out to our team now to discover more about protecting your workplace with Sharp!

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