Innovators, tech aficionados, and office equipment connoisseurs alike mark your calendars for August 17th! The Coastal Business Systems (CBS) Tech Expo is coming to Eureka’s iconic Wharfinger Building, providing a glimpse into the technologies that will shape the future of work.

This insider’s look at the latest from category leaders Sharp and Lexmark. The promise of test-driving office machines, next-gen security protocols, and productivity-enhancing automation excites me more than a paper salesman at a deforestation convention.

Here’s what you can expect from this expo of office equipment epiphany:

Hands-On Demos of Game-Changing Tech

Forget static displays and glossy brochures. The CBS Tech Expo lets you test drive office machines firsthand. Get hands-on with innovative multifunction printers, interactive displays for hybrid teams, and other innovations designed to catapult offices into the digital age. You’ll leave with clarity on how emerging tech can benefit your organization.

Insights from Industry Leaders

The expo will feature insights from Sharp and Lexmark themselves on the bleeding edge of workplace tech. Pick their brains to understand how cloud connectivity, process automation, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) drive advancements. Discover how data-driven features can enhance everything from security to device management.

A Peek into the Paperless Office

One exciting area the expo will highlight is the transition to paperless offices. Learn how scanning, digitization, document management software, and printer security innovations enable organizations to break their dependence on paper. See technology designed to help you finally banish the notorious filing cabinets and move your business into a digital first environment.

Vision for Empowering Hybrid Work

The expo will also provide a window into the future of hybrid work. Discover technologies like enterprise-grade video conferencing, enhanced connectivity for remote access, and cloud-based document workflows that ensure collaboration thrives whether teams are in-office, remote, or a blend. The future of “work from anywhere” is on display.

And talks don’t just cover how innovative tech works — they provide strategic insights on implementation. Discover how to integrate new tools into your existing systems and workflows. Experts will share best practices on training, change management, and user adoption. You’ll leave with a vision and action plan for leveraging tech to spur productivity.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

Now, if glimpsing tomorrow’s office isn’t enticing enough, consider this: by attending the Tech Expo, you can also support the Northern California Community Blood Bank. Donating blood helps ensure access to this lifesaving resource for local hospitals is a mission anyone can get behind.

You’ll also gain access to the Eureka Chamber of Commerce’s mixer from 5-7 pm, following the Tech Expo. Meet like-minded professionals and business leaders while contributing to the thriving local community. It’s a triple win!

Don’t Miss This Pivotal Event!

Space is limited at the CBS Tech Expo, so reserve your spot today. I’ll see you on August 17th as we explore innovations that will shape offices worldwide in the years ahead. The future is now — together, let’s lead the way!

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