For over 40 years Coastal Business Systems (CBS) has managed to establish a well-earned reputation as the premier dealer of cutting-edge office technology in Northern California. We always go out of our way to guarantee we deliver the best value for each of our client’s. CBS has made it their business to provide products and services that are renowned for their scalability, affordability, customization, and more.

We always adopt a proactive approach with our customers. You can rest assured we will go the extra mile to ensure you access to the finest office technology solutions and top-notch customer support. While we handle the heavy-lifting of your unique workplace requirements, you will be able to have more free time for you and your team to focus on growing your business. Here then are the #5 reasons why you should consider working with CBS today.

1.CBS is a homegrown, locally-owned business
CBS operates from three different locations in Northern California: namely Eureka, Redding and Chico. We may proudly say we are a truly local business entity in these small and tight-knit California communities.

CBS was founded wayback in 1981 and continues to be run by the founder. Our team is also locally-based, with deep roots in the community. Coastal Business Solutions is one of the few locally-owned and operated dealers of office technology in Northern California.

While some would say that working with a local dealer would be a cost-prohibitive proposition, we know this is just a myth, at least for CBS. We have developed and maintained strong relationships with our manufacturers that allow us to obtain competitive pricing. With Sharp’s support we are able to compete advantageously in so many different niche markets. Over the years, CBS has also gained a foothold in various markets that were previously considered to be uncompetitive for us.

2. CBS is heavily invested in the welfare of the local community
Since its founding, CBS has been heavily invested in the local community. Our team is involved in many community outreach programs and loves giving back. It has been this way from the start.

There are some who sit on the boards of local nonprofits and are active in the local chambers of business. There are some who have served as presidents of the Rotary Club and Soroptimist International. Yet others are Masonic Lodge members. In a word, CBS is a company that gives back to the three communities that serve it.

3. The CBS team is top-notch
CBS boasts of a dedicated, highly motivated and engaged staff. Our team ticks off all the right points when it comes to people of integrity, desire and purpose. These are hungry professionals who always go above and beyond the call of duty.

They all believe in teamwork and go out of their way to help each other, despite the disparate nature of our three locations in Northern California. These are nimble and flexible operators that can make local decisions to make sure our clients are always happy and satisfied at all times.

4. CBS’ technical support is world-class

CBS takes great pride in its pool of highly-trained, skilled, and experienced technicians. These technical support professionals have all been factory-trained and are well versed with the intricacies of their job. As such, CBS has received a number of coveted awards due to this, including Sharp’s Platinum Service Provider award. This distinction is only remitted to elite dealers in matters pertaining to service.

For example, some of the criteria used to measure our eligibility include how many times our technicians have to call back on the client after the initial call and how long machines wait for a replacement part. Our technical support is proactive vs. reactive, and our technicians are generally working on it before anyone even realizes something’s amiss.

5. CBS solutions can save your company significant costs
Every now and then, our partnership with Sharp gives us plenty of incentives to move office technology products through the market. Some of these incentives are meant for our sales people, which we then mostly pass on to the client.

We have all had to stretch our dollar a bit further. By working with us, you have the assurance that you will always obtain the best value for your buck. CBS understands that the last few years have been tough on business. We have all had to stretch our dollar a bit further. By working with us, you have the assurance that you will always obtain the best value for your buck.

CBS is a leading vendor of up-to-the-minute office technology that integrates innovative features and functionalities. They fast-track and streamline workplace productivity, efficiency and collaboration capabilities, including state-of-art home office technology suited for in-person, remote and hybrid work environments. CBS also offers the finest managed print services that can deliver numerous benefits for your business. We look forward to solving problems for you in the future.

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