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The modern workplace is constantly evolving. This calls for better, effective, and efficient communication and collaboration capabilities across the board. Also, office technology is rapidly reshaping how office workers carry out their day-to-day duties. Today, more and more workers are tagging along their laptops and mobile devices to meetings as a practical means of conveniently and quickly sharing information with their colleagues.

Alternatively, many office workers have adopted the hybrid workstyle, which involves being partially in-person and partially remote. To create an effective and efficient collaborative environment in your hybrid workplace, one of the best solutions laid out for you would be to introduce a suitable interactive display into your meeting room. This way, all meeting attendees will be able to leverage their own personal handheld devices in order to share pertinent documents or files with the rest of the participants via the whiteboard. This is always the case whether they’re at the office or in a remote location.

Heightened communication

Heightened communication and collaborative simplicity

These are essentially “plug & play” devices. All you and your team will have to do is just link up via the display’s wireless connectivity, and the best out there even support frictionless access to cloud services. You won’t need to enlist your team in any training program to effectively use a good interactive whiteboard and almost anyone can utilize these devices. Interactive displays help in enabling your team to present information exceedingly more effectively thanks to the wide variety of inbuilt media tools they feature. So you may easily mirror whatever data in your laptop or mobile device onto the large format display view at any given time. In turn, all meeting attendees, whether in-office or remote, will clearly witness your presentations and effortlessly comprehend the finer points.
Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Fitting out your conference room with powerful interactive whiteboards will immensely help your team complete projects quicker and much more efficiently.

For one, these communication and collaboration devices come complete with collaboration capabilities that were literally unthinkable a decade ago. Newer and improved innovations in this space have made digital collaboration much more advanced and eliminated most of the bottlenecks that characterize older technology. With the improved collaborative workstyle promoted by interactive whiteboards, your team both onsite and remote are bound to be more productive.

More interactive and engaging presentations

The days when you had to put up with boring presentations in business meetings are now a thing of the past. These devices feature user-friendly interfaces that will make your presentations much more engaging, comprehensive, and effective. In turn, this leads to much more productive and hands-on meetings. Additionally, the touchscreen functionality which comes standard increases attendee engagement with the various presenters. Lastly, multiple presenters can now cast their documents on the whiteboard simultaneously without any confusion or hassle.

Coastal Business Systems is a foremost provider of top-notch office technology that can fast-track the collaboration capabilities of your company including devices like interactive displays. This sort of technology supports in-person, remote, and hybrid work environments and can seamlessly fit your team’s home office technology requirements including touchless technology for your Sharp printers, MFPs, and copiers. We also offer the finest managed print services on the North Coast.

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