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We’re shortly entering the third year since the COVID-19 pandemic first struck. More and more people and organizations are increasingly embracing hybrid work and even learning models. While some learning institutions are progressively reverting back to in-person education, the average classroom setting has evolved to be much more intricate along with nuanced than before. This means all schools now have to leverage the very latest technology in the market – technology that can enable them to frictionlessly flip the learning structure from the classroom to hybrid learning and back again whenever the situation calls for it. This is where Sharp’s groundbreaking AQUOS BOARD interactive display comes into the picture by making all this and much more feasible.

AQUOS BOARD interactive display

The AQUOS BOARD interactive display is an easy tool to use for collaboration in both the classroom and hybrid learning environments


Seamless connectivity together with advanced collaboration capabilities are very critical for substantially boosting your students’ overall productivity and proper assimilation of learning material. They especially boost their morale and keep them engaged while operating in a hybrid learning environment. Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD is well noted for its unparalleled reliability in both the classroom and remotely. It delivers better collaboration capabilities between virtual and in-person learners allowing both to be more proactive in their studies. While also offering a rapid, smooth and responsive learning platform.

This makes sure that your students are always engaged each and every single time they attend class. The AQUOS BOARD facilitates a highly effective means for students to interact with the curriculum. It should be said that the average student does better with hands-on education and their understanding is greatly improved by touching, drawing, and writing on interactive boards such as the AQUOS BOARD. Also, this innovative Sharp display delivers instantaneous feedback enabling you as an educator to instantaneously appraise each of your student’s progress in a convenient and hassle-free manner.


The AQUOS BOARD offers the unparalleled versatility of an open learning platform

It is very important for your classroom to leverage open platform technology, which will permit effortless adaptability with a variety of top-notch educational apps. You wouldn’t want to begin giving a lesson or lecture only to discover your hardware and software aren’t compatible with those of your students. Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD supports wireless connectivity that makes the modern classroom experience much more flexible. This way, each and every single user may make the learning environment more personal using mobile devices that can link up with the display’s connection software or even other third party apps.

This innovative interactive board also provides support for diverse cloud-based learning management systems including Blackboard and Google Classroom. So you will always be spoiled with choices when it comes to the exact learning material you could use in class, from videos to graphs, illustrations, and other multimedia educational content. You will as well be able to make high-quality presentations on the large format display within the classroom. Lastly, a precision-based 20-point multitouch functionality of the AQUOS BOARD lets multiple users weigh in with their own input to the learning process in real-time, whether they’re onsite or remote.

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