The New BP Line from Sharp: Features & Functionalities

Sharp recently introduced a new line of workgroup MFPs that has been widely renowned for its unparalleled versatility in the context of suiting a wide variety of workplace environments. The very first devices Sharp released were a number of color models whose top operational speeds vary from between 26 to 45 pages/minute. The new series dubbed the BP line includes a grand total of 22 color and monochrome multifunction printers. 

Since its introduction to the market, the BP line has attracted plenty of attention for all the right things including its numerous intelligent and intuitive office technology features and functionalities. One of the most notable of which is its first-rate connectivity which can fast-track and immensely boost your team’s collaboration capabilities in ways you’d never think of. All this may be done frictionlessly and more to the point, securely, particularly when operating in remote or hybrid work settings.

Enhanced cloud services connectivity

Sharp’s BP line comes complete with a highly improved cloud services connectivity capacity. This, of course, includes making linking up with Microsoft Teams simplified to immensely streamline you and your team’s communication capabilities regardless of wherever you might be at any moment.
Enhanced cloud services
While the native Microsoft Universal Print functionality facilitates frictionless integration with the Microsoft 365 environment, leveraging the platform’s simplified print management capabilities.

Get more done with improved efficiency

The BP line, consisting of the Advanced and Essential series, leverages cutting-edge office technology to enable users to get more work done, with heightened efficiency. Some of the most remarkable features and functionalities of this kind include multi-feed scan detection and enhanced auto skew correction. This means diverse print or scan jobs will come out right, the first time, all the time.
improved efficiency

The top scanning speeds for these models are up to 280 images/minute with the 300 sheets duplexing single pass feeder. This feature is exclusively reserved for the Advanced models. Also, the inner folding units deliver a range of fold patterns, most notably, tri-fold and z-fold along with others, less the need for the machines to take up additional floor space.

Lastly, these new Sharp MFPs are specifically designed to maximize your team’s productivity with convenient and intuitive access to an expanded list of compatible cloud services. Using their mobile devices, your team can now initiate print and scan jobs from anywhere in your office building they might be situated at any given time too. Sharp has continued the touchless technology trend that came into prominence when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Thanks to Sharp’s Synappx Go! app, you and your team may initiate print and scan jobs without having to touch any of your MFPs controls.

Top-of-the-class security

Sharp has outdone itself when it comes to the impressive security of the Advanced and Essential MFP series. This enables you and your team to effectively safeguard your confidential business information even better than before.
improved efficiency

Some of the notable security features are system integrity checks and firmware attack prevention with self-recovery. While the optional Bitdefender antivirus that is bundled in these models thwarts intrusions by hackers together with other intruders with malicious intent.

Coastal Business Systems is the premier smart office technology dealer on the entire North Coast and we’re proud to offer groundbreaking products from our trusted partners including Sharp. These MFPs incorporate many hi-tech features and functionalities such as home office technology and touchless technology to mention but a few to be found in Sharp printers including the new BP line. We are also a leading provider of top-notch managed print services that will enable you to immensely boost your team’s productivity, and efficiency and substantially cut down on your company’s print costs.

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