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Corporate social responsibility has in recent times evolved into an essential factor in where people choose to work and even where customers decide to spend their money. Coastal Business Systems understands this, and has always been committed to its regular social programs that keep staff engaged and deliver a positive influence to its customers and the local community in general. Coastal Business System also understands that the nature of corporate social responsibility has immensely changed from what it previously was.
It is no longer regarded as a simple act of charity, but rather a part and parcel of how companies execute their day-to-day operations. Corporate social responsibility always lends a positive public perception to society of the businesses who practice it genuinely and not just for show or form’s sake.
orporate social responsibility
In the last instance, the general public will always be much more willing to do business with brands that conduct all their operations fairly, behave ethically, safeguard the environment and actively support worthy causes in the communities they operate in. To this end, not only does corporate social responsibility promote public trust, but it makes companies more attractive to employees and keeps them engaged and highly motivated.

CBS community involvement in Northern California

Coastal Business Systems’ first foray into corporate social responsibility was in the town of Eureka. Our very first social initiative of this nature was supporting the local Rotary Club in a number of different ways. This was made possible under the auspices of some team members who were already affiliated with the global non-profit.
CBS community involvement in Northern California

Today, Coastal Business Systems boasts of three Rotary Foundation presidents, a Past Master of a local Masonic Lodge, a past president of the Sierra Cascade Girl Scout Council, a Soroptimist president and a Kiwanis president.

With such a socially-distinguished team, Coastal Business Systems was from the very beginning, deeply committed to doing all it could to help the community and not simply focused on driving profits. While, at the same time, striving to thrive and grow among the homegrown business establishments in Northern California. From its humble beginning in the early 1980s, Coastal Business Systems has grown to become a key component of the North Coast’s business community.

As we look back on the rich history and connections we have made with the local community, you have the assurance that we still have what it takes to furnish your business with the finest managed print services and up-to-the-minute office technology solutions that can take you to the next level. Lastly, Coastal Business Systems is deeply committed to investing in the local community in all the towns we operate in Northern California, as we have always done since the beginning and this will never change. You can never go wrong by giving us a call today!

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