Branding 101: Color Choice

Color choice is definitely extremely important in both a business’ branding and marketing efforts. In the first place, the very first thing the average consumer notices about a product or service is color. In turn, this means that color choice plays a leading role in the first impressions a customer invariably forms concerning a particular product. Indeed, a recent study revealed that no less than 85% of consumers identify color as the primary motivation when it comes to picking a product. Also, according to the findings of the same study, 92% admitted that visual appearance was the most compelling marketing factor that convinced them to buy a product instead of another. 

On the other hand, color choice is often the secret weapon successful companies utilize when they wish to produce a great brand identity. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that colors are much more than simple visual aids in both branding and marketing. When picked appropriately, colors can actually elicit the desired emotions and feelings in consumers. To this end, there are both implicit and explicit meanings towards different colors. This definitely means as a business owner, selecting a particular color scheme for your branding and marketing campaigns may either make or break its eventual success.

What is the importance of color choice when it comes to branding and marketing?

color choice

Today, a whole branch of modern psychology is devoted to the study of color and its various effects on human behavior. This branch is now referred to as color psychology, and many notable psychologists and psychiatrists have practiced it.

For instance, the renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung thought color and people have a special relationship. He once said, people possess a universal and bodily response to most color stimuli. Jung as well noted color is the native language of the subconscious. The extensive studies done on color by Carl Jung along with other psychologists have given rise to color choice being widely recognized as having a critical connection with branding and marketing. 

All in all, color psychology principles amply demonstrate that colors may influence both human behavior and perception. Yet another research found that at least 90% of the average consumer’s judgment of products is solely based on color. Additionally, yet another recent study revealed that the average customer’s purchasing intent is significantly influenced by a company’s brand color. This is simply because color can effortlessly convey a brand’s personality and even identity. At the same time, it has been proven that our brains tend to have a preference for those brands whose colors are easily recognizable. What all this boils down to is there is in fact a strong relationship between a brand’s color scheme and customer reactions. Therefore, it is always prudent as a business owner to fully understand this phenomenon, which will enable you to pick the suitable colors that will fast-track your brand’s ultimate success.

What are the factors to consider when picking your brand’s color scheme?

color scheme

In another recent study, it was revealed that the connection between color and brands almost always hinges on the perceived suitability of the color you decide to pick for your branding efforts. In more simple terms, the question you should ask yourself is does a particular color suit the product/s you wish to sell?

When selecting your color scheme, it is more important to anticipate the consumer’s perception of color suitability as opposed to color by itself. So, take all the time you and your team need to figure out what is known as your “brand essence.” When you have a clear idea of your company’s goals and the personality you intend to sell to the consumer, you’ll be able to choose the right color scheme for it. This is simply due to the fact that doing this will enable you and your team to accurately determine what particular message the colors you pick will convey to your target market.

target audience

Talking of your target audience, studies conducted on the topic have been unanimous in showing we all have different perceptions and preferences when it comes to color. For example, it is believed that males usually prefer bold colors. On the flip side, females tend to prefer much softer colors.

 At the same time, males are thought to be more receptive to shades of color (colors that have black added to them). Alternatively, females are more likely to choose tints of color (colors that have white added to them). It has also been shown that the human brain tends to prefer instantly recognizable brand colors. This certainly means that color will always be an essential element in terms of building your brand identity. In fact, picking the right color scheme will be just what the doctor ordered to make your brand stand out from the rest of the pack. 

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