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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, there was already a steady transition from in-person to a mobile work environment all over the globe. Thanks to the emergence of innovative office technology including cloud-based business apps and sophisticated mobile devices, employees are now able to get more work done from virtually anyplace they might be located. As such, workers can now stay in touch and collaborate with their colleagues on the go much easier than before. They as well now have much more flexibility to work on their own terms, and use office technology and tools they prefer at any given time. All this has been made possible by a wide variety of mobile workforce and home office technology solutions. 

Today, many businesses around the globe are beginning to re-think their policies on how their employees carry out their day-to-day duties. The mobile workforce is now increasingly reshaping the future of the workplace in more ways than one. With a well-equipped mobile team of workers, you will be able to greatly minimize any disruptions to your company’s day-to-day core operations in a markedly convenient and hassle-free manner. While, at the same time, ensuring your daily workflows remain the same or if possible, go a notch higher. Here then are some of the most notable ways mobile office technology benefits the mobile office.

Many employees tend to be much more productive working remotely than in-person

working remotely

Generally speaking, employees can derive a wide range of benefits by embracing work from home or mobile work routine. Among many others, this may include the unparalleled ability to fit their work duties around their very own unique needs, preferences, and even commitments.

Also, they can totally do away with the need to commute to their workplaces on a daily basis and all the stress and frustration it usually entails. All of these factors when combined can work wonders on most employees’ engagement, and in turn, their overall productivity and work efficiency in ways you might never have thought possible. Happy and motivated workers tend to be less likely to fall sick and are infinitely more capable of substantially increasing their turnovers.

Mobile devices make business data and document more widely accessible to employees regardless of where they are located

Mobile devices

In the past, employees could only access, process, and distribute work-related files and documents through their office desktop PCs. However, for all intents and purposes, this is now a thing of the past. With the emergence of cloud-based mobile office technology apps, workers are now in a good position.

Access to all the mission-critical documents, digital resources and assets, and even business applications remotely. This way, your team may be able to optimize their workflows significantly since they can access work resources on the cloud via their mobile devices. This would ordinarily not be possible if such assets were stored on an onsite system. Cloud-based document creation and processing office technology now enables employees to not only access mission-critical documents, but also collaborate with each other in real-time and in sync from practically anywhere they might be located. 

Granted, traditional business computer networks such as intranets may be able to facilitate all this in one way or the other. Nevertheless, they almost always give rise to endless headaches when it comes to making sure all users can access digital assets from remote locations. This is particularly the case if the number of users is high. Additionally, in most cases than not, users can only save updated copies of the files they are working on their on-premises desktops or workstations. On the other hand, cloud-based mobile office technology solutions now enable all authenticated users to freely access and update all the files, documents, and even digital resources remotely.

Mobile device business tools and apps can now match and even exceed the data integrity and security capabilities of traditional desktop applications 

Mobile device business tools

For a smooth mobile work environment, advanced security safeguards are always key. With an increasing number of employees utilizing mobile devices and connected to diverse internet connectivity solutions, enhanced data security is important for your mobile workforce to execute their duties safely.

To this end, business-oriented mobile office technology makers have begun to introduce many innovations to adequately meet this growing need. For instance, Microsoft’s Office 365 now leverages both One Office 365 Mobility together with the Azure Information Protection platforms. Essentially, both of these platforms leverage advanced AI technology which makes use of user behavior and pattern recognition to effectively protect critical business data. 

Also, quite a large number of software as a service (SaaS) business platforms now offer numerous features that come complete with extensive in-built security capabilities. For the most part, many of these platforms are hosted on robust cloud-based infrastructure including the earlier mentioned Microsoft Azure, which are routinely and rigorously monitored and tested. At the same time, most of these mobile office technology platforms feature many cloud-based security compliance certificates notably ISO-27801 along with ISO-27001. So, by investing in mobile office technology integrating this level of advanced security, your workers can carry out their day-to-day duties safely regardless of where they might be located at any given time.

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