September 2021

The Importance of Printing in Education

While digital has indeed revolutionized the learning experience, it has not in any way supplanted the need for color printing in the education sphere. Granted, some learning institutions are reluctant to embrace color because of a number of factors such as cost and even cost of ownership. However, recent print cost reductions along with improved Read More »

Productivity at Home

One of the perks of working or even studying from home is undeniably the high level of flexibility it presents. However, if you don’t plan properly for it, this great boon often turns into missed opportunities. Some say working from home is the litmus test for productivity. On the other hand, others argue that people Read More »

Synappx Systems: mDesk 101

Sharp’s Synappx Go platform of smart office technology has proved to be a gamechanger when it comes to its revolutionary capabilities to streamline and improve workplace efficiency, productivity, and even collaboration. Working seamlessly on both the Microsoft 365 and G-Suite platforms, this innovative office technology has been intentionally designed to support a hybrid work environment, Read More »

Accessibility Tools
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