What comes to mind when you think about modern office technology? Well in 3 words, it’s smarter, better, and faster. To this end advanced workplace collaboration capabilities and heightened productivity has both come to epitomize the 21st-century office setting and have inspired many businesses to push the boundaries of possibility. This is particularly the case when it comes to workplace efficiency and productivity. Consequently, it has been, without doubt, proven that workplace collaboration not only promotes the achievement of companies’ collective goals but provides a sense of purpose to employees too. Now more than ever, collaborative workspaces are universally considered to be extremely relevant, innovative and contribute much to the success of the modern office. As such, to fully meet this surging demand for workplace collaboration, a big number of office technology providers are now rethinking just how their product offerings may effectively deliver all the support the modern workplace needs. Sharp’s innovative Synappx platform is numbered among the most outstanding workplace collaboration and productivity systems currently to be had in the market. Here is why this is so.

Synappx Meeting

As you might already know, one of the most dreaded tasks in any business office is scheduling staff meetings. In the first place, getting all members of your team together at one spot and time often proves to be very daunting in the modern office. This is especially the case when your organization is running far-flung operations in different locations or even time zones. If data provided by Sharp is to be believed, the average employee can attend no less than 60 meetings on a monthly basis. Also, according to Sharp, most of them never attend meetings on time, which may be attributable to scheduling conflicts or even challenges with the office technology they use. This is where Synappx Meeting comes into play. 

This Sharp app was specifically designed to efficiently address these issues in a markedly convenient and hassle-free manner. First of all, it facilitates a user-friendly platform that workers can utilize to attend meetings virtually from almost anywhere they might be located in the world. At the same time, Synappx Meeting boasts of a variety of productivity tools that enable employees to get the most out of the meetings they attend in both in-person or work-from-home environments. This may include tracking and managing meeting times. This app as well provides the capability to access various files or attachments that can shed more light on the discussions covered in meetings. Syanppx Meeting also supports hands-free voice control, while users work with Microsoft Office, Sharp Pen applications or other related display controls. This Sharp office technology enables automatic updates of users’ calendars and the creation of plans along with notes to help them prepare effectively for follow-up meetings. Not to mention supporting automatic connections to virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Synappx Go

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming a critical tool in the modern workplace. Thanks to their unmatched convenience, these sorts of office technology enable employees to access the information they require to carry out their duties on the go regardless of where they may be located. In turn, this goes a long way in enabling them to preserve connectivity and stay abreast with all events that take place in the office all day long. Sharp’s Synappx Go app can also come into play in helping workers to remotely access essential office equipment like printers and set up personalized print, scan or copy settings via touchless technology on their smartphones.

This is a useful means of enabling them to save time particularly if your business has extensive printer fleets. This app also lets users scale documents to a big display by simply tapping their smartphones on the NFC tag on the display and converting any place to a collaborative workspace. This makes it stress-free to display content stored in the cloud. Synappx Go also enables users to release print jobs from an MFP via their mobile devices.

Synappx Workspaces

Sharp’s Synappx Workspaces app allows users to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) power to keep track of proper workspace usage. It also enables them to keep track of diverse environmental factors that come into play in terms of creating a smart and more comfortable workplace. Synappx Workspaces uses sensor data and office technology like the Windows Collaboration Display and Microsoft Office 365 to deliver actionable insights into how to make the modern workspace better.

Accelerating team performance via total integration

One of the best ways of boosting productivity in the workplace is by seamlessly integrating office technology across such environments. With Synappx Systems, users may have access to company resources and assets including archives, printers. The Synappx platform as well offers support for improved collaboration thanks to its inherent integration capabilities between Sharp’s diverse office technology offerings. This includes the Windows Collaboration Display, AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display, and Sharp’s line of MFPs.

Cutting-edge security 

Sharp’s Synappx platform comes complete with top-of-the-line security capabilities to effectively support the high level of connectivity it delivers to the modern workplace. This platform incorporates similar security capabilities as the Microsoft Azure platform. Some of the most notable of these are enhanced data encryption, role-based access permissions, unique identities for all connected devices, total network security, advanced system logs, biometric authentication to mention but a few. 

Coastal Business Systems is a foremost Sharp partner and offers a variety of Sharp’s most acclaimed office technology for on-premises and remote work environments including cutting-edge touchless technology MFPs. It also provides some of the finest managed print services to clients who request for them. 

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