Cloud solution – a terminology that is not known by many but is wanted worldwide. A cloud-based solution is a hub for the delivery for all the demanded computing services. This includes processing powers, application and storage as well. These are accessed through the internet and taken via another provider’s cloud computing infrastructure, which is on sharing mode. 

Before the inception of this novel idea, companies and big corporations would face numerous storage issues. This was because the limited space on hard drives and floppy disks would make it time-consuming to work. Moreover, it used to be complicated to store data every time on a new disk or hard drive. Keeping track of which data is on what drive just added to the hustle. Fortunately, in 2006, the concept of Cloud Computing came into existence. It changed the entire business game in the market. Three things that businesses cannot compromise on are Speed, Capability and Security. These three things are ensured and proven to what Cloud solutions provide to their users. 

As a managed print services provider, Coastal Business Systems works with top partners like Sharp, who offer cutting edge “Cloud Portal Office” technology, also known as CPO. Sharp’s Cloud Portal Office is an entire cloud-based document management system, highly valuable and favorable for businesses. It ensures security and data management services and gives its users seamless access to documents that are all across the workplace. CPO does not require a particular device to run, as it can be accessed easily on a Tablet, Mobile Phone, Interactive Whiteboard, Laptop, or Sharp MFP.


When it comes to managed print solutions, Coastal Business Systems prides itself in offering a wide suite of innovative and advantageous products. Products that stand out in the market in order to give businesses an edge. One of these products by premier partner, Sharp, is known as a “Multi-Functional Printer”, or MFP. These printers are highly user friendly as their setup and installation are quite simple and straightforward. The SHARP MFPs are not your average printers. Instead, they are precisely engineered with perfection in order to help increase efficiency and excellence in work. This results in an exceptionally high standard of work. With SHARP’s MFP, get ready to be more productive, powerful and systematic. A feature that distinguishes MFP from other basic printing systems is that MFP supports voice recognition.  The Voice-Command Feature ensures contactless work to be done smoothly. Which is highly beneficial, especially in today’s time as we are facing a global pandemic. 


Applications for Cloud Based Office software and technology can be downloaded from third-party apps or the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Cloud based solutions are a trend in the market now, and one can find numerous Cloud solutions offered by different companies. Let us focus further on the Sharp CPO, which offers a wide range of benefits with multiple unique selling points:

  1. No hardware or maintenance package to purchase: This saves users from unnecessary expenditures. 
  2. Reduced Infrastructure cost: After purchasing CPO, watch for your IT costs to get reduced significantly. This is because CPO will take care of almost all of your IT-based needs itself. 
  3. Safety: No stress for documents to get lost due to a flood, fire or any unforeseen event. CPO provides full safety and backup of every document, ensuring nothing is lost.
  4. Office and printing costs saved: CPO will also help you minimize your office & printing costs. This will be possible because as now, lesser paperwork would be needed. Thus the need to print more files and documents would not be required.
  5. SHARP MFP: With the help of SHARP’s MFP and its managed print services, now office work is effortless. It becomes very convenient. This is mainly because the MFP scans, stores and retrieves documents all by itself.
  6. Customization: With the CPO, users can easily customize and adjust the settings for specific people. This would let people work on data that is related to them only.
  7. Collaboration: Sharing files across the workplace has never been easier. CPO lets you collaborate with your staff members via shared folders.
  8. Automatic Versioning: This is a helpful feature. It has proven to be of great advantage to office workers. CPO notifies you when a new version of the file has been saved. This makes it easier for everyone to know which file is updated. 

It is very evident that having a Cloud solution for your business is a wise investment for a multitude of reasons. Besides saving expenses, CPO helps in increasing business efficiency and effectiveness. This is because everything is done quicker and better. Cloud Portal Office gives businesses a major opportunity to grow. It also helps them raise the position of their company in the industry, giving businesses a major competitive advantage. We’d love to tell you more about this technology and find a managed print services solution for your business. Give us a ring today at (707) 445-3095!

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