What is the MX-M3071 Monochrome Advanced Series? 

The Sharp MX-M3071 Monochrome Advanced Series is modern office technology with multitasking features to redefine your work experience. It has an inbuilt security system that protects your confidential information, providing the following:

  • Convenience – The touchscreen portrays an easy to use interface with easy modes, and a quick link to network services. The voice feature makes an exciting tool for communication as the machine can interact with you in standard language. 
  • Productivity – It shares New Adobe Embedded Print Engine technology which prints PDF files from an array of sources alongside network printing, copying, and network scanning.
  • Work Friendly – It is coherent with the latest cloud services and mobile technology with an application portal that allows instant addition of new apps or updating the existing ones.

Powerful Performance, Strong Productivity

There is no need for any work-related worries as the MX-M3071 has you covered with its state-of-the-art design and multitasking features:

  • 150-sheet duplexing document feeder can scan at the speed of 220 images per minute.
  • Responsive to paper handling and can manage media up to 300 gsm with a capacity of 12’’x18’’ through paper trays. 
  • The Voice feature incorporates hands-free communication with Amazon Alexa.
  • PCL® 6 and Adobe® PostScript® 3TM systems redefine printing better than ever. 
  • Documents can be conveniently converted to Microsoft® format as well as PDF. 
  • The touchscreen display is a magnificent 10.1’’ diagonal with effortless usability. 
  • The in-built motion sensor is sensitive to incoming footsteps and therefore alerts the machine instantly. 
  • Can be connected to mobiles via wireless network service provided by the Sharpdesk® Mobile App.
  • Necessary cloud services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDriveTM for Business can be accessed conveniently through the Sharp’s Cloud Connect feature.
  • There is reinforced security to protect any confidential information.

Enhanced Functionality – Intuitive Design

Straight forward yet instinctive 

The advanced monochrome series is all about pushing boundaries. It comes with an Easy Mode for rapid, uncomplicated use with bold, labeled keys and a Detail mode for any additional functions. 

Productivity and Performance – All in One Place

Redefine Interaction with Alexa

Enhanced Collaboration for Streamlined Workflows

Efficient document systems

Sharp makes an intuitive entry with its Email and Cloud Connect aspects. The email connect helps link mails with Microsoft Exchange/Office 365® and GmailTM user accounts that makes it convenient to handle. The cloud connect enables you to scan and print from Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.

Scan and Print directly from your mobile 

The Sharpdesk Mobile is your one-stop solution to scan and print files using your mobile device. It supports Apple® Airprint®, AndroidTM print framework and Google Cloud PrintTM all with wireless networking in place. 

Intelligent Image Processing

Qualcomm DirectOffice technology facilitates instant scanning and conversion of documents to various other formats. They also reinforce the Adobe Embedded Print Engine that can directly print PDF from other sources. 

Flexible Printing Solutions 

The Standard PCL 6 and Adobe PostScript 3 printing systems is the answer to all your print-related queries. Serverless Print Release from Sharp permits printing from over six supported models. And Google Cloud Print makes use of Chromebook notebook computers and PCs for printing tasks.

Sharp OSA® Technology

Sharp OSA technology quickly turns complicated tasks to manageable, conducive processes.

Taking Care of Business Safely and Securely 

  • The Monochrome Advanced Series is embedded with abundant security features like Firmware Attack Prevention and Self Recovery, that can instantly detect and restore a virus and correct it accordingly.
  • The Application Whitelisting identifies any attempt to access the system which is not registered on the whitelist. 
  • There are Authority Groups that regulate copying and printing to streamline control. 
  • Regulators can also employ Active Directory® Group Policy that centralizes control. 
  • Then comes Confidential Printing that requires a pin code to print confidential documents. 
  • Single Sign-On and Integrated ID card authentication are also offered in this model.
  • If you have to sell the machine, there is a feature called End-of-Lease that eradicates all stored data.
  • The Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM) comprises administrators that regulate features and installation.
  • The Centralized Admin Password and Power Management help make changes quickly.
  • The systems LCD can be controlled, and any troubleshooting issues can be resolved through the Remote Front Panel feature.
  • The in-built auditing hardware and software enable the tracking and usage of each device linked to the network.

Environmental Commitment 

  • Sharp wholeheartedly believes in being sustainable and responsible towards the environment. 
  • The Monochrome Advanced Series abides by Sharp’s Green Product Guidelines until the last word.
  • They ensure that the machines use less power and more recycled material is used in its manufacture. 
  • The MX-M3071 is deemed ENERGY STAR® qualified and RoHS compliant, which means that no hazardous materials were used in its production. 
  • Sharp promotes recycling of cartridges, bottles and toners to reduce landfill. 

Final Thoughts

With the MX-M3071, you can now redefine your office experience with enhanced productivity and vigor. It has the capacity to amplify your performance at work. For more info, give us a call today at 707-445-3095 or 800-331-6672.

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