Increase Your Print Volume Efficiently, While Decreasing Environmental Waste

With people becoming more conscious about the environment, we are working hard to reduce the environmental waste caused by human activity. Likewise, businesses around the globe are looking for solutions to reduce their carbon footprint – and for a good reason!

Whether your business is a large enterprise or a small-scale industry, it impacts the environment, which is inevitable. However, there are some planet-friendly measures you can take to tackle and reduce this impact. These steps may include decreasing water wastage, cutting down on electricity, or practicing a comprehensive recycling policy. A great way to initiate is by implementing better printing habits.

Printing is an integral part of any organization and plays a vital role in the workflow and mechanics of any business. Large amounts of printouts daily can soon add up, resulting in adverse effects on the environment. If you want to know how to increase your print volume efficiently while decreasing its environmental damages, we are here to offer you solutions for that with better managed print services.


Select an eco-friendly printer

An eco-friendly printer is designed to use less energy compared to other printers on the market. Moreover, they will not compromise on performance while reducing the carbon footprint of your business. Eco-friendly printers are easily accessible, with a wide variety available to choose from according to your needs. Some prominent technological companies, including one of our leading partners, Sharp, are known for their ‘Green Products.’ Sharp printers, with their energy-saving and environmentally friendly characteristics, will improve your business’ green credentials to a much larger degree.

Get energy-efficient printers

Energy-efficient printers consume less energy to perform the same amount of printing tasks. This results in reduced gas emissions, reduced power consumption, and ultimately reducing the overall environmental waste. Sharp’s energy-efficient printers and advanced energy-saving technologies have been implemented across all of its printing devices. Furthermore, make sure to turn your computers and printers off at the end of the day. This will further minimize your power consumption.


Create and Implement better printing policies

According to a study, ninety percent of offices do not have any formal printing policy. Implementing specific printing policies and training your staff about environmental-friendly printing habits can further reduce your wastage. Some instances of these habits might be:

  • Printing on both sides of the paper – with just a click, you can half your paper usage, resulting in reduced wastage.
  • Using grayscale mode for printing – using colored ink for printouts results in increased energy consumption and power wastage. Using black-and-white settings is better for the planet.
  • Lowering the resolution when printing draft documents – when printing not-so-formal documents, try to avoid high-resolution settings.
  • Don’t leave printers on standby mode – By turning the printers off completely, you ensure minimum power consumption. According to Energy Saving Trust, up to 16% of energy consumption is due to appliances in standby mode.
  • Only print the required pages – this goes without saying to only print those pages of whom you need a hard copy.

Your staff might not be aware of the escalating print costs and its environmental results. By educating them about printing costs and effects, you can become more resource and cost-efficient in your office technology, while decreasing your environmental wastage.


Get Printing services from eco-friendly companies.

Support greener ways of doing business by purchasing from companies with conscious environmental setups. Our premier partner, Sharp, has been known as an environmentally advanced company since 2004. By using Sharp printers, your company’s carbon emissions will be much lower. From the initial stages of designing a product to its disposal stage, Sharp ensures minimum danger to the environment. Save our planet by working in collaboration with such companies that are dedicated to delivering efficient performances with a decreased threat to the environment.

Always Recycle

With absolute certainty, we can say that recycling is the key to a better and healthier environment. The importance of recycling cannot be emphasized enough. You can opt for recycling in various areas of printing. With recycled papers, recycled cartridges, and toners, you can decrease your environmental impact by a large margin. Try not to throw the used printer cartridges away, recycle them! By using Sharp printers, you can benefit from their dedication towards maximum recyclability. Their Toner Recycling Program lets you drop off your empty cartridges and receive a bulk recycling kit for free!


Office printing can be costly in terms of its environmental impacts. However, having bulk printouts does not have to be hazardous to the environment. By following these ideas and tips, you can minimize the environmental damage caused by the large volumes of your business printing.

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