COVID-19 Business Essentials – Choosing the Right Signage for You

The deadly outbreak of COVID-19 has left businesses across the globe facing never-before-seen circumstances. The contagious nature of the virus has meant that businesses are under immense pressure to follow standard operating procedures if they are to prevent being barred from operation. While social distancing protocols, protective gear, and health checks are at the top of the list, one very important aspect that should be addressed is COVID-19 signage. And not surprisingly, this is a measure that is often overlooked, yet it is just as important.

Choosing the right signage for your business can be tough and thanks to one of our premier partners, Sharp, businesses have access to helpful information on state of the art print and digital signage, as well as tips and tricks to steer them in the right direction for business signage needs.


Types of COVID-Related Signage

Before we move onto how best to present your chosen signage, it is important to cover exactly what types of signs are needed by your business.

Communication is vital when it comes to business operations. In the unprecedented times of today, it is essential to ensure that company personnel, third party members, and customers are aware of proper protocol.

Here are our top picks for COVID-19 signage that are an absolute must-have:

1)    Business Hours

The spread of the coronavirus has meant shortened business hours in a bid to reduce fatalities. Since customers are used to standard operating hours, it is a good idea to post notices informing them of new business hours, so confusion is avoided, and customers are given the best experience possible in these trying times.



2)    Social Distancing Measures

These times call for strict social distancing measures, and with the stress of an unpredictable pandemic looming over everyone’s heads, it can be easy to forget. This is where distancing signage comes in and serves as a constant reminder of protocol that has to be followed. Common places to install these signs are near queuing areas, entrances, and workstations.


3)    Safety Precautions

COVID-19 is serious and the likelihood of contraction can be reduced by following certain procedures. These safety precautions include washing hands regularly, sanitizing after any human or external contact, wearing masks and gloves, and undergoing temperature screenings when entering any building, among much more. To ensure that these precautions are adhered to, posting relevant signage is a great push.

4)    Employee Checklists

Recent global developments have meant that employee responsibilities have undergone drastic changes. In many circumstances, workers now have more workload than their original job descriptions, and they are required to take certain measures to curb virus hazards. As such, changes take time adjusting to and it is a good idea to post signs reminding your employees of new directives.

Presenting Your Business Signage

Now that you have some basic knowledge of what your business signs should entail, it is time to move onto the visual aspect.

Here are our top picks for how you can format your all-important business signage:



1)    Posters

Posters are a great way to draw attention to important information, particularly if they are designed in an attractive manner. The best part is that you can print out posters using your own office technology, not only saving yourself money but also making the whole process easier. And with managed print services, you can easily coordinate between different computer systems and smart printers to consolidate signage decisions. In-house printing provides a range of benefits, as noted by our partner, Sharp, some of which include easy edits to existing signage, and reduced waste by printing on demand.

2)    Floor Decals

Businesses can use creative floor decals to mark the required distance in queuing areas as well as operation lines. Not only is this an effective way to curb contamination, but floor decals also save valuable space, leaving your work environment clutter-free. For an added oomph factor, make your decals really stand out with creative and colorful designs!


3)    Noticeboard Posts

There’s a lot of information that possibly can’t fit onto a poster or signboard. For these purposes, noticeboard posts are the best way forward. To make sure that these notices aren’t missed, keep them free of unnecessary details and stick to the point. Printouts are an easy and cost-effective method as they can be printed using office technology.

If you want to utilize the latest in cutting edge technology, then investing in digital smart signage solutions seems like a good option. Not only does digital signage allow more freedom in terms of what can be displayed, but it also makes for a more eye-catching signage solution. And the best part is that it cuts down on unwanted paper waste!

So, there you have it, a complete rundown of how to go about business signage in these unprecedented times. We’re proud to partner with industry leaders such as Sharp who are always on the forefront of technology. If you’d like to learn more about the Managed Print Services offerings at Coastal Business Systems, give us a ring today at 707-445-3095 or 800-331-6672.

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