The Future of Office Technology and What it Means for Managed Print Services

The 21st century has seen great advancements in all kinds of technology, many that make themselves useful in the office. The year 2020, in particular, has majorly been ruled by technology due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As people are forced to confine themselves to the boundaries of their homes, companies have come up with new ways of remote operation that involve connected working. Of course, all of this is impossible without developments in office technology, as they collaborate to maintain productivity during this trying time. If companies are to stay relevant, they must indulge in the latest technological trends of the market, and who better to turn to for your technology needs than Coastal Business Systems. Before we delve into the benefits of advancements in office technology and how they will change the business landscape, let us take a look at what exactly these advancements look like.

Top Office Technology Developments

If you want to run an efficient office environment, it is necessary to know about the latest technology entrants that could help boost your business. With new innovations coming in left and right, it can get difficult to select the ones that are truly the best.


Here are our top picks:


If there is anything that an office environment needs, it is security, and cloud computing guarantees to give you just that. By using remote servers to facilitate a company’s data, cloud computing allows for secure remote work to take place. Workers can now access their data from anywhere in the world; all they need is to be connected to the firm’s cloud system. Not only is this ideal during current times, but it also keeps unwanted entities at bay. The best part is that cloud computing is available in several forms, including hybrid, public, and private, and companies can choose the one that best suits their requirements.



Tell us, is there anything more frustrating than slow internet? Well, thanks to the advent of 5G technology, you will no longer have to deal with the hassles of lagging browsers. Not only does 5G enable workers to increase productivity levels, but it also brings to life an array of next-generation office technology, including virtual meetings and automated management. It is evident that such features are an integral part of remote working, as nothing produces better results than a team that is connected. For firms that are looking to make the switch to a fully digitalized workplace, 5G is essential. It enables workers to collaborate whether they sit at the distance of an office desk apart or across continents, bringing both diversity and inclusivity to the table.


Voice Technology

Offices are increasingly venturing outside the concept of a building, with remote and international work gaining traction in the career world. In such a work environment, the essence of human connection and teamwork is often lost. Well, with voice technology, you can bring all that back. Effective communication is key to making the office work, and with voice technology such as Plantronics, you no longer have to miss out on this vital office aspect. This is particularly apt in the current global scenario where COVID-19 has forced thousands of individuals to work from home. Now, you can truly bring the office home!

Furthering Office Technology and Managed Print Services

MPS, or managed print services, is an integrated printing operation that is typically handled by a third-party provider. At Coastal Business Systems, we take care of a business’s printing needs from top to bottom, including printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. Of course, managed print services do not escape the effects of advances in office technology. Cloud computing, for instance, improves worker efficiency and reduces costs when integrated with managed print services. Similarly, 5G internet technology allows printing services to be executed without delays and over a wide geographical area. Not only does this fit in with remote work, but it also saves the company both time and money. All in all, advancements in office technology improve managed print services by increasing both efficiency and productivity.


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