Secure Reliable Managed Print Solutions in California 

Managed Printing Solutions is an essential service that allows you to gain visibility and control of your office printing for your business, which in turn helps to improve productivity and cut costs. With the use of modern technology, this can also help to create a sustainable office environment and secure important company documents and information.


When it comes to Managed Printing Solutions, Coastal Business Systems goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of each client. We focus on addressing real solutions to your individual business needs, no matter what industry you are in. We bring standardization, more productivity, and lowered costs to every client, and that includes attending to the hardware and service they will get. We like to come in and start afresh, standardizing people’s environments to minimize the number of supplies that are being used. Thus saving them a lot of money in the end.

Instead of coming in and taking over existing office printing fleets; maintaining and servicing the existing office printing machines and providing supplies for them, which is the standard with other Managed Printing Solutions services, we take a totally different approach. When you look at our competitors out there, they are just taking five-year-old technology and wrapping it up in a different package, shipping it back out, and nothing new is happening. 


One of the brands we stock/source is Sharp. Sharp is growing and everybody else seems to be declining. With Sharp, you don’t only get leading-edge user-friendly technology but also features you can grow into. So, if you buy it now

you can grow into it as the years progress. On top of that, because of the technology that we have in our units, new features that come along are downloadable and free. 

We encourage our clients to make good investments in modern office equipment and printing devices that will save them money and allow them to operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis. We aim to provide you with more efficient options rather than quick fixes.

In many cases, we’ve taken customers that were using fifty to sixty suppliers in one office environment and knocked them down to seven. The cost of the equipment we provide combined with the cost of operation is less than what they will end up spending on supplies.



With our Managed Printing Solutions services, we relieve IT teams and business owners of the stress of having to deal with paramount printing device issues that affect day-to-day business operations. We’ll completely take this off your plate so that you don’t have to deal with it anymore, while saving the company money.

Many business owners who underestimated the value of investing in reliable print management services have come to realize the benefits of making the switch. Typically, users would initially be driven to make a decision based on price. However, after having a conversation that breaks down the value of incorporating our solutions to their business model, they understand and agree to move towards a solid managed print platform. 

The truth is, if you buy something that is a good quality commercial grade piece of equipment, you shouldn’t need to replace that asset any time soon. That’s another big benefit of our Managed Print Program. If you enter into a Managed Print Program with us, we guarantee replacement of that asset at no cost to the customers if it fails during that time. This simply means there are no capital expenditures on those assets during the time they are under contract. 



Our devices connect to a central network as a trusted device and are managed by Active Directory using Group Policy. That’s out of the box technology; no third-party software or workarounds. From an IT professional perspective, it allows much more control over the system. This has been a huge piece of our success over the last two years and we’re still excited about it. 

We’d love to share our expertise with you to help you grow your business. Don’t allow your business to get stuck in a rut. Move your business to the next level with our premium Managed Printing Solutions services.

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