If you have been around for a couple of decades, you would agree that printing and copy machines have come a long way. We’ve seen where printers were very slow and noisy and had to be physically connected to a PC in order to carry out its functions. Now, we have become accustomed to wirelessly connected printers that are fast and energy-saving.


Today, there are hybrid all-in-one printers and copiers that can be easily connected to computers without the need for excessive cables and even without a technician. These modern digital printing systems are designed to copy, scan and print various types of documents at lightning fast speeds. They are generally easy to install and setup and are typically accompanied by easy-to-read manuals. In just a few simple steps, your copier can be set up like a network and connect wirelessly to several devices allowing for faster and more reliable access via all your devices.

Businesses who use printers to carry out day-to-day tasks can find printers with various features that suit their specific needs. You can choose which devices can access your printer to secure your network and protect confidential company information.

Some all-in-one office printers feature touch-screen color display with clear and easy-to-navigate graphical menus to choose from, based on your printing/copying needs.  A few top brand printers now allow users to input data into the copier using retractable keyboards for quick print jobs.


A powerful true multitasking controller enables users to save time and money while producing professional documents in-house with amazing image quality that is also economical.

Who knew a printer as we once knew it would become so versatile and efficient?

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